our story

My name is Karissa Cortes, Owner + Designer of Cotton Bottom Designs. I am a single full-time stay at home mom to a rambunctious (almost) 4 year old boy, Emersyn Avery. It's because of him that Cotton Bottom Designs was born.  I had searched high and low for the perfect little pants to put him in and despite finding many options nothing completely matched what I had in mind. In my head I knew exactly what I needed but couldn't find it anywhere, so I pulled out my sewing machine and got started! Shortly after I had my very first pair of Cotton Bottoms and I absolutely loved them. The waistband didn't rub and irritate his belly like most pants seemed to and the extra space in the butt was perfect for his little diapered bum. The drawstrings at the bottom allowed them to easily transition from pants to capris with one easy pull and made the same pair of pants extremely versatile. All are made from soft cotton knit which makes each snuggle even better! Since then I have extended my line to include headwraps, shorties, strappy playsuits + of course the ORIGINAL racer-back jumpsuits! All items are handmade with love.

Thank you for all the continued support throughout this beautiful adventure.

Karissa Cortes